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The Pharcyde – Passin’ Me By

Not much to say about this song except it could be one of the dopest songs in existence. The Pharcyde is an early 90’s Underground Hip-Hop crew out of the South Central Los Angeles area. They are still rocking shows to this day and I hope one day I will see them live. Check out their website below for more information.

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Hieroglyphics “You Never Knew”

I wouldn’t be a very good hip-hop blog if I didn’t give love to some of the early 90’s Bay Area underground artists, yep, I am talking about the Hieroglyphics crew. I got hooked on Souls of Mischief way back in the day when the early 90’skate videos played the crap out of 93′ Til Infinity, which of course was completely fine by me. Enjoy!

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Epic and Nomad – Another left wing peace song

Gotta show my love to the neighbors up north, yep,  I am talking about the amazing underground scene in Canada. There is so much great underground hip-hop from this area, most of which is from some pocket cities east to west. I first heard Epic when I had purchased his 8:30 in Newfoundland CD at Access Music, I again took a chance at was pleasantly surprised. The first song on the album is called Thought Process and is super catchy and super rad; “It’s a nice night so I am out for a walk, with the Walkman on, for ten city blocks, with barking dogs approaching in the distance, I’m rapping to myself because nobody listens”…amazing! Well, I didn’t post that song rather I posted another really dope track he did with Nomad so enjoy. You can check out more of their music at the link below.

The Fat Stack: Epic in the middle.

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Flame Like Projection – Murmur Breeze

English underground at its best right here; James P Honey flows like a running river on this track. Found out about James P. from LMNTL819, another musician who I happen to follow on Facebook and he happened to post a James P. song. Amazing stuff, check out his label Decorative Stamp for more music from him and others on that label.

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Adru The Misphit

I only found out about Adru The Misphit when “Sankofa” had posted this video of him on Facebook a few years back. The dude spits pretty hard and caught my attention right away. He hasn’t been active for a while from what I can tell but the music he did put out is for sure Classic Dope. Check out his MySpace page (I know) for more songs by him and also some other tracks where he is featured. Enjoy!

2007 Interview with Adru

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Sankofa “rime and a grin”

I started listening to Sankofa back in 2001 when he was in the group White Collar Criminals, which was a dope crew out of the Indiana area. After WCC Sankofa went and did a lot of music as an individual artist, all of which was amazing as well. He has a flow and voice that is unlike any others, super distinguished and seriously dope. He is now making music again with Jon Doe (part of the WCC crew) as The Silversmiths so go check out their new tracks at their website below.

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Aesop Rock – Abandon All Hope

Gotta give some love to the East Coast underground as well and one of the more notable MC’s from the right side is Aesop Rock. I have been listening to him since the early 2000’s and actually have only three CD’s of his; Float, Labor Days, and Daylight. I have not picked up a CD of his in almost a decade however I have kept up with his new shit and he is still cranking out amazing music. He is also one underground artist who actually did very well as far as being well-recognized and very popular even outside of the underground scene. At one point he was doing commercials on MTV, and as hard as that is for me to swallow, I understand why artists do it. Aesop Rock is still making dope shit so please go check out his website for all his newer releases including the one that just came out, Skelethon. I don’t think I have ever been to an Aesop Rock show; however I do have a flier from the Bazooka Tooth tour when he did a show at The Epicentre in San Diego but I don’t think I went to that show unfortunately.

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