Sage Francis “ESCAPE ARTIST”

I initially found out about Sage Francis off of an Anticon Mix CD from 2001 or so. After that I picked up the Personal Journals CD and haven’t stopped listening to it to this day. I am just a huge fan of passionate music and Sage Francis is the pinnacle of it in my opinion. I have been to three or four of his shows; The Makeshift Patriot Tour, The Non-Prophets Tour, and I think the last one was A Healthy Distrust back in 2005. I have met him on multiple occasions at shows, bought shirts and other shit from him, he is cool as hell. His live shows are some of the best I have ever been to; he doesn’t give a fuck, has so much energy, has tons of interaction with the crowd, and he just rips the stage. I have tons of pics and videos from a few of his live shows but unfortunately those are on my moms computer and are probably never to be seen again.


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