Living Legends – Part Ways for Now

Grouch, PSC – Circa 2004: Belly Up

This is a sad day for any Living Legends fans; The Grouch and Sunspot Jonz both called it quits indefinitely from the crew. The Grouch wrote a little message for all of his fans regarding his decision why; Sunspot wrote a little something on his facebook page.

From Corey Johnson: A.K.A Sunspot/BFAP

“I officially am taking a hiatus from Living Legends—I love you fans–but I gotta do it right now—respects to my LL brothers”

From The Grouch:

“With the release of the Trojan Horse video, I am announcing an official hiatus from the group Living Legends.”

Eligh and PSC 2004

This all occurred after the release of a brand new video Trojan Horse that looked as though they may have another full length album in the works. Well, at least for now the group as a whole is done working together on “Living Legends” albums; however, I know for a fact the individual projects will still be cranking as they always have been. I think people have to understand that the Living Legends crew is merely a group composed of other smaller hip-hop groups as well as individual artists (Mystik Journeymen, 3MG, The Grouch, Aesop, etc.). Frankly, there is much more material as individual artists than there ever has been as the “Living Legends”.

The Grouch – Legends Show circa 2000/2001 @ The Scene

I have been listening to the Legends since 1999; the first CD I ever heard was the Mystik Journeymen Black Sands of Eternia when I borrowed my buddies car because mine was broken. From that day on I became the ultimate Legends fan, buying all CD’s, apparel, and going to as many Legends hip hop shows I could go to. I feel so fortunate to have been able to be around when the Legends were still growing as a group and were doing shows that were just amazing. The first show I ever went to was in a bar on the second floor of some run down building in San Diego. the sound went out, Scarub rocked acapella for a few songs, it was so sick. I remember another time in 2001 we were headed down to a Legends show at The Scene in San Diego. I look over to the left and see a Ford Expedition with the car full of Legends; Grouch in the front passenger seat and PSC in the back . We roll down our windows, get their attention, and throw up the big L to them. They of course responded  with waves and L’s as well, those are the memories I will always have from my Legends days. I have also been very fortunate to have been able to see all the Legends at one show, and I mean all of them (Sunspot, PSC, Grouch, Eligh, Aesop, Scarub, Bicasso, Murs, as well as Arata who not many have seen live). Again, another memory of the Legends that me and a few friends have from the early days. Another time at the Almost Famous tour  show in Mission Beach my friend and I were waiting in line to get in to the club, some drunk ass chick behind my boy throws up over his right shoulder soaking his whole shirt; a slightly not-so-great memory from a show. I am super bummed to hear the news today of them parting ways at least for now; we can all hope as fans that they will at some point get back together and rock shows once again. Throw up your L’s!!

Sorry for the crappy quality pics; Digital wasn’t exactly around back then.

The Grouch – Circa 2000/2001 @ The Scene

Last Video as The Legends: For Now, or Forever, who knows.

More Pics:

This is just me…a long time ago…throwing up the Westside of course.

Living Legends Baby!



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2 responses to “Living Legends – Part Ways for Now

  1. Dustin

    Living Legends! so many shows, so many good times/memories…..even if I got thrown up on in line, nothing ever stopped us from going to those shows!

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