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KRS-One & More – The Anthem

Still one of the dopest collaboration songs I have heard to date. This song had the likes of RZA, Tech N9ne, Eminem, Xzibit, Pharoahe Monch, Kool G Rap, Chino XL, and KRS-One all in one song, amazing. This song is off the Sway and Tech CD from back in the day; bought this shit my senior year in high school and still have it, and still listen to it. Enjoy!

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Killarmy – Fair, Love & War

Before I got into the “true” underground hip hop scene I was a diehard Wu-Tang fan, I had all their shit. I am still a big fan to this day, bumping whatever classic CD’s I still have of theirs. Back in 1998 my got my car broken into and much of my Wu collection was stolen. I have yet to re-purchase the ones that are gone, maybe one day. Killa Army was affiliated with the Wu, this song is off of their 1997 album Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars.

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Blahzay Blahzay – Danger 1995 HQ

I am a huge fan of early 90’s hip-hop whether it was underground or not; those days it seemed that it didn’t matter as much because the music was still raw. Here we have Blahzay Blahzay with Danger; dope track off their Blah Blah Blah album. New York in the house on this one.

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Lexicon – Nike Head

Seems as though anyone who follows underground hip-hop is inevitably into shoes; here we have a song from the Lexicon boys about Nike’s. I remember first seeing this video about 10-11 years ago on a VHS tape my buddy bought from Access Hip-Hop; definitely a video to remember. The guys from Lexicon are still doing their thing, check them out in the link below.

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MF Doom – Dead Bent High Quality

I have a pretty decent collection of MF Doom CD’s; and of that collection, this is my favorite song from all. Super dope beat, and when it drops, I cant help but nod my head. Enjoy, new MF Doom album coming soon.

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Living Legends – Nowyouno

Here is the Living Legends video “Nowyouno”  which was originally off the Stop, Look and Listen VHS from 2000. Yes I do have the video, and no I do not have a VCR hooked up to watch it on. This video was filmed in the old stomping/living grounds for much of the Legends crew; 4001 San Leandro Ave. in east Oakland.  I would like to send a huge shout-out to YouTube for hosting videos I thought I would never see again…word.

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Mystik Journeymen – Children of the Night LIVE (1995) VIVA Freestyle

I found this classic Mystik Journeymen track from the guys over at ; shit is classic as hell and is exactly why I fell so hard for MJ back in the day. Enjoy the video and go check out the blog I posted above as they have some pretty great videos posted as well.

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