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So Called Artist- Interpretations. Of. Mere. Interpretation

I happened to listen to this CD on the way to work today and wanted to post this super dope song from the album. The whole CD is amazing; Sole and Alias joined forces with DJ Mayonnaise to produce this amazing album. This song in particular is dark, deep, and dope. Enjoy!!

You can find more from Alias and Sole here:

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NAS – It Ain’t Hard to Tell

Classic NAS is like no other, so amazing and so raw. This song is the epitome of why I loved early 90’s Hip-Hop and why I still revert back to it so often. I grew up listening to this era of Hip-Hop and still just can’t get enough of it…time to go swap up some classics off Amazon soon!! NAS is still around but I haven’t heard much from him as of lately.

More from NAS can be found here:

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El-P – Deep Space 9mm

EL-P, part of the Company Flow crew, busting out some Deep Space 9mm shit right here. This song is off the Fantastic Damage album from 2002, amazing album that if you don’t have, you need. EL-P is still live doing his thing.

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Here is some more early 90’s amazingness, Nice and Smooth!!

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