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Cali Agents – The Good Life

Rasco and Planet Asia are, Cali Agents. Dope ass song off their 2000 album How the West Was One. Both are still very active in the hip-hop world. Enjoy!

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Beastie Boys – So What Cha Want

R.I.P MCA! Been a fan of the Beastie Boys for decades; here is one of my favorites from a classic album.

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Jurassic 5 – Concrete Schoolyard

I was browsing through my CD collection the other day and stumbled upon a CD I had not bumped in a while; it was Jurassic 5 EP that came out over a decade ago. I of course took it out and have been playing it on the way to work for the last couple days. And of course, I have found the music video and have posted for your enjoyment. You can find J5 at the link below.

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De La Soul – Breakadawn

I am going to be honest, I just heard the full song for the first time just this past weekend. However, I remember hearing the intro to this song in an old ass 411VM skate video way back in 1994…never knew who it was since at the time you could not just go and search google for the song title. I also was never a HUGE fan of De La Soul; I enjoyed their music but at the same time it wasnt a priority for purchasing over others I happened to like more. I now have this CD prompted to buy on Amazon…better late than never. Anyways, enjoy as this song is most definitely classic dope.

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