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Gang Starr – You Know My Steez

Guru (rest in peace) and DJ Premier were known as Gang Starr…and they were so dope and such a great part of hip hop history. These two were a large part of what made the 90’s hip hop scene amazing and they get continual respect and play from fans around the world.

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Mac Miller – Smile Back

As you may have guessed I really enjoy underground hip hop, and I mean it has been the main source of music entertainment for me for at least two decades. I don’t normally give props to current, more “commercial” rappers but Mac Miller is in my opinion, a very talented hip hop artist. I was introduced to Mac Miller while working by some 14-year-old teenager. I decided to search it out because hey, you never know when you will find a new M.C that you will enjoy. I went to Youtube and looked him up and found some of his old shit like “Get Up”, “Best Day Ever”, and his “Snap Back” video, all of which I was pleasantly surprised with. Not only do I think his beats are slammin, I also feel he writes in a style that really appeals to his generation and he has a rap flow that is very unique. As he has gained in popularity you do see a change in lyrics and overall music style. One can only hope that his success doesn’t completely change him into your everyday MTV rapper of whom I typically can’t stand.

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Scarub – Sometymes

I am on a Scarub kick right now because he is still one of my favorites not only from the legends crew, but overall as an underground M.C. Here is a song off of his The Answer 2wo The Meaning CD from back in the day…so dope!! You can still find Scarub doing his thing at local shows, check the link below!

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Joey Bada$$ Feat. CJ Fly – Hardknock

As much as I don’t follow new artists this one seems to¬†have an old school vibe that I like about him. Joey Badass¬† is a young dude out of the east coast who truly has the 90’s hip-hop steeze with some new-school flavor. At any rate, props to him for coming out of the woodwork and gathering a good following (just don’t lose that vibe because a record label tells you it won’t sell).

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