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The East Flatbush Project – Tried By 12

Thanksgiving Song for you all!! I love this song and I am sure many others do too. East Flatbush Project Tried By 12 from featuring DeS, circa 1996. I am super bummed I couldn’t do a direct post of the O.G video that YouTube has but because of some copyright nonsense I cannot. I posted the actual video in the link below from Daily Motion…so you will actually have to click to see.

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Pigeon John & B-Twice (Brainwash Projects) – Powermoves

Pigeon John and B-Twice are the Brainwash Projects! Super dope track off of their album “The Rise and Fall of Brainwash Projects” from 1998. Pigeon John is still doing his thing so check him out!

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Royal Flush – Worldwide

Yup, dope. Heard the instrumental for the first time in Keenan Milton’s Mouse skateboard part in the girl video. And then heard the full track on Beat Junkies Volume One a year or so later. Still such a dope track to this day. A few years ago I went out and bought the single which included a bunch of variations and remixes to this song…

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LoDeck – Stethoscope Alley

The beat on this track is just too dope!! This song is off the Euphony Album from 2001, amazing album if I do say so myself. You can still get new versions of this album below. Enjoy!

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Murs and 9th Wonder ft Sick Jacken- The Problem Is

Dope collaboration from Murs, 9th Wonder, and Sick Jacken of the Psycho Realm. Dope, listen, enjoy!

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Psycho Realm – Enemy of the State

Psycho Realm is super dope and represents the west, Los Angeles specifically to the fullest! This song is from their album A War Story Book I which was released in 1999. Check them out, they are still around doing their thing!


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Scram Jones : Liquid Heat

Scram Jones, song is on FIRE…spit like no ones business. Enjoy!

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