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Aesop Rock – Abandon All Hope

Gotta give some love to the East Coast underground as well and one of the more notable MC’s from the right side is Aesop Rock. I have been listening to him since the early 2000’s and actually have only three CD’s of his; Float, Labor Days, and Daylight. I have not picked up a CD of his in almost a decade however I have kept up with his new shit and he is still cranking out amazing music. He is also one underground artist who actually did very well as far as being well-recognized and very popular even outside of the underground scene. At one point he was doing commercials on MTV, and as hard as that is for me to swallow, I understand why artists do it. Aesop Rock is still making dope shit so please go check out his website for all his newer releases including the one that just came out, Skelethon. I don’t think I have ever been to an Aesop Rock show; however I do have a flier from the Bazooka Tooth tour when he did a show at The Epicentre in San Diego but I don’t think I went to that show unfortunately.

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