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Digable Planets – 9th Wonder (Blackitolism)

Digable Planets is by far one of my favorite hip-hop groups from the early nineties; their mix of jazz and hip-hop was like no other. This song, 9th Wonder, could possibly be one of my top ten jams from that era. This shit makes my head nod like no other, love it!! Just check out out the YouTube comments…positive comments like this almost don’t exist for videos posted on YouTube…and they are well deserved. I really liked this one the best:

“And that’s without having to take off her clothes to prove a point.”

Essentially the comment is saying the female rapper made her point through her rhymes, not through trying to grab attention though sexy clothes and what-not. Today’s kids just have no idea how real hip-hop is supposed to sound (not trying to generalize but it is a large part of the population).

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