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Jedi Knights Circle – I Know What You Did

My collection of Jedi Knights Circle CD’s is pretty vast, and is second only to my Living Legends collection. I have all their early works including the Rip, Mix, Burn compilations and also the group projects as JKC. I also have the early Aura, Randy, Autoflo, Cosmic, Maleko, as well as Optimus’ solo projects. Love, love, love their shit. Cant remember exactly how I came to find them but I believe it was during a trip to Access Music in 2002-ish browsing through the selection, took a chance and never looked back. I had one opportunity to see them live at a bar my friends dad owns in San Marcos, CA. We had given birth to my first child literally a week earlier and I just could not leave to go see a show. At some point I would love to see these guys live as I know they will kill it. I am friends with the most of the crew on Facebook and they are all cool as hell and super appreciative of any love and support you give.  Westcoast Hip Hop!!

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