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Mac Miller – Smile Back

As you may have guessed I really enjoy underground hip hop, and I mean it has been the main source of music entertainment for me for at least two decades. I don’t normally give props to current, more “commercial” rappers but Mac Miller is in my opinion, a very talented hip hop artist. I was introduced to Mac Miller while working by some 14-year-old teenager. I decided to search it out because hey, you never know when you will find a new M.C that you will enjoy. I went to Youtube and looked him up and found some of his old shit like “Get Up”, “Best Day Ever”, and his “Snap Back” video, all of which I was pleasantly surprised with. Not only do I think his beats are slammin, I also feel he writes in a style that really appeals to his generation and he has a rap flow that is very unique. As he has gained in popularity you do see a change in lyrics and overall music style. One can only hope that his success doesn’t completely change him into your everyday MTV rapper of whom I typically can’t stand.

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