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So Called Artist- Interpretations. Of. Mere. Interpretation

I happened to listen to this CD on the way to work today and wanted to post this super dope song from the album. The whole CD is amazing; Sole and Alias joined forces with DJ Mayonnaise to produce this amazing album. This song in particular is dark, deep, and dope. Enjoy!!

You can find more from Alias and Sole here:

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Sole and the Skyrider Band “Hello Cruel World”

More music from Sole and his Skyrider Band. I have not bought this album just yet but you better believe it is on the top of my list for purchases.

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Sole – Salt On Everything

Sole is one of those artists you either love or hate; I love his music personally but I know many would disagree. There is really something about his music that grabs me and sucks me in; dark beats, deep lyrics, it just speaks to me. I have heard the argument that he doesn’t rhyme any of his lyrics, some how that doesn’t bother me one bit so as the lyrics are still moving. I have seen him live for the “Selling Live Water” tour years ago; each track he did off that album was to a beat that was not the one that belonged to the actual song. I was actually really bummed on that, never seen him live since.

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