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GraveDiggaz – Diary Of A Madman

Huge fan of the GraveDiggaz; both albums they produced in the 90’s were filled with classic tracks…and this is one of them. R.I.P to Grym Reaper. Enjoy!

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Sunz Of Man ft Killarmy – Soldiers of Darkness


To me there isĀ nothing better than the 90’s hip-hop scene, both east and west…however I did prefer east coast as I was a huge Wu-Tang fan. Sunz of Man were some disciples of the Wu-Tang Clan and you can feel it and hear itĀ in their music. Love this shit…enjoy.

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Cappadonna – Milk The Cow (Directed By Doggie Diamonds)

Another WU disciple here, Cappadonna of the Wu-Tang Fam. This song is from the Pillage CD circa 1998; the whole album was and still is amazing so go buy it if you don’t have it. This video is actually really current and was done in the last couple years: “this is how the video would have been had it existed 14 years ago”…ya know! Check out Cappadonna in the links below.

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GZA – Liquid Swords

From my collection

I have been a really big Wu fan since their first group album 36 Chambers. I still have quite a bit of their music lying around my collection; however unfortunately my 36 Chambers album got jacked in 1999 and I have yet to replace it. At any rate, this is obviously GZA who happens to be one of my favorite from the Wu Tang Clan. This song, pretty much sets the path for the rest of the Liquid Swords album. GZA and the rest of the Wu Tang Clan are still very active, check him and the rest of the crew in the link below.

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